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Hire Top Tech Talent in Latin America

Remote teams from LATAM

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Why more companies
are hiring in Latin America

Top Tech Talent

  • A large pool of highly skilled tech professionals 
  • They empower you to meet your software development goals.

Same Time Zones

  • You can access quality talent in similar time zones
  • Real time communication and collaboration.

Cost Savings

  • Save up to 60% vs US candidates
  • Ensuring you stay on budget.

Cultural Alignment

  • Cultural similarities to the US
  • Easy communication
  • Build relationships, and collaborate effectively.

Why Zipdev?

Quality Candidates

Our expert recruiting team carefully screens each candidate for technical skills, relevant experience, and cultural fit and presents only top candidates.

Seamless integration

Your nearshore teammates work seamlessly with your in-house team, ensuring smooth and efficient collaboration.

Get your time back

We handle all of the recruiting, hiring, employment, payroll, etc, so you can focus on your business goals.

Don’t let hiring challenges hold you back from building a talented and diverse team.

The Zipdev Proven Process

At Zipdev, we have been providing technical talent from Latin America since 2015 and have perfected the process of providing the highest quality technical professionals in the region.

Contact us today to learn how our nearshore staffing solutions can help you streamline your hiring process, reduce time to hire, and ensure compliance with local hiring regulations.

1. You
Define role requirements
2 zipdev
Provides a handpicked shortlist of top candidates
3. You
Interview and select new team members
4 zipdev
Enables payroll, benefits, & provide HR support
5. You
Are empowered to build great software
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