Backend engineers from Brazil; Mobile developers from Mexico; C++ developers from Colombia. It’s a modern IT dream team.

As companies continue to broaden their horizons, seeking talent from across the globe, remote IT work and development have quickly become the new norm. COVID-19 turbocharged a trend that was already well-pronounced, effectively turning kitchen tables into conference rooms and bedrooms into offices. One region that’s surfing this remote work wave and garnering considerable attention in Latin America, is fondly known as LATAM. Here, let’s dive into the four major ways talented remote LATAM-based developers are seriously shaking things up in the tech world, resulting in high-quality, affordable tech teams for companies across the US, among other markets.

The impact of this trend can also be seen in the investment landscape. According to Lavca, the amount of venture capital invested in Latin America in 2020 reached a record high of $4.6 billion, with a significant portion going to tech startups. This is a clear indication of the confidence that investors have in the region’s talent and potential.

1. Cost-effectiveness

Hiring remote LATAM-based developers can feel a lot like stumbling upon a secret treasure trove of savings. Based on Zipdev’s experiences placing remotely over 300 tech workers from LatAm with companies all over the United States and Canada over the past 7 years, the average full-time LATAM tech professional is paid 40-60% less than their counterparts in the United States. Lower costs of living in the region coupled with currency differences account for the savings.

Don’t mistake this cost-competitiveness for lack of quality though. LATAM tech professionals are far from being second-rate. Many of them have cut their teeth working for top-tier tech giants in the US and Europe. They bring this wealth of experience and skills to the table, offering high quality without the hefty price tag.

2. Cultural Proximity

Another superpower of LATAM developers is their level of comfort and familiarity with US culture and the workplace. The cultural compatibility between LATAM and Western nations (US, Canada, Europe) is quite striking. This similarity makes collaboration on projects a breeze, reducing miscommunication and fostering effective teamwork.

Plus, English isn’t a barrier here. A large proportion of LATAM tech pros are fluent in English, making them an attractive option for companies operating in English-speaking markets. They’re able to seamlessly integrate and contribute to international teams, making the whole ‘remote’ aspect feel not-so-remote.

Team onboarding is straightforward, as many people in LATAM are already accustomed to American and European cultural past times. American football, the Champions League, and the NBA: US and European sports are familiar comfort zones for people across Central and South America. As are American streaming channels, shows, and Internet content. They feel right at home.

3. Time Zone Similarities

If you’ve ever tried to schedule a meeting with someone half a world away (India, China…), you know the struggle is real. With LATAM-based teams, you can wave goodbye to those inconvenient late-night or early-morning conference calls. Thanks to LATAM being in the Western Hemisphere, it shares a significant time zone overlap with the US and Canada.

This means LATAM developers can work during the same business hours as North American teams, making real-time collaboration not just a wish, but a reality. This is a game-changer in fields where quick communication and instant feedback are critical. Plus, workers in LATAM are working during normal daytime hours, not the overnight shift. This is a big advantage over many remote tech workers in India or Asia.

4. Diverse Skillsets

Last, but certainly not least, let’s talk about talent. LATAM developers are not just coders, they’re rockstar coders! Many have honed their skills at leading tech companies in the US and Europe, so when they say they know their stuff, they mean it.

In a report by DevSkiller, LATAM developers scored higher than the global average on coding tests, standing as a testament to their technical prowess. Beyond coding, they also exhibit a strong work ethic, a commitment to delivering top-notch quality, and an adaptability that allows them to thrive in fast-paced, dynamic environments.


So, you’re sold on the magic of remote LATAM-based developers, but how can you tap into this dream without getting lost in the complex maze of global hiring?

That’s where Zipdev comes into play. We’ve already navigated the labyrinth, connecting businesses with the best LATAM tech talent. We know the ins and outs of the region and can smoothly handle the full hiring process, end-to-end. Imagine this: No more late-night or early-morning conference calls. Instead, you’ll have real-time collaboration with fluent English-speaking developers. No more breaking the bank on software development. You get an extremely high quality of work but at a fraction of the cost.

And the best part? These developers aren’t just skilled at their jobs, they’re masters at adapting to your work culture and pace. That’s a seamless integration of top-tier talent into your team, fostering an environment of productivity and innovation.

So, if you’re eyeing the LATAM region for your next hiring venture, we can help make your journey smooth and successful. Tapping into the global talent pool doesn’t have to be a solo venture. After all, collaboration is at the heart of the remote work revolution!