Mexico, a country often pictured with its vibrant festivals, tantalizing cuisine, and vivid cultural traditions, is far more multifaceted than stereotypes suggest.

While there are many common misperceptions about Mexico, especially considering its workforce, the time has come to bring the truth to light. Let’s unpack the top five myths about Mexico and its dynamic workforce and delve deeper into the truths beneath.

Myth 1: Mexico is steeped in tradition and eschews technology

Contrary to this belief, Mexico is a powerhouse in digital realm. It’s home to the largest fintech ecosystem in Latin America, serving as a vital hub for the entire region. Mexico’s adoption of technological innovation is robust, and the country is continuously striving to enhance its digital infrastructure. The tech startup scene has seen a dramatic rise in recent years, with over 10,000 startup ventures taking flight in 2019 alone. These startups span a wide array of sectors, including e-commerce, fintech, and healthcare.

Myth 2: Mexico lacks a highly trained cohort of engineers and technicians

The truth paints a different picture. Mexican educational institutions produce around 130,000 highly skilled engineers and technicians annually. This figure outpaces Canada, Germany, and even Brazil, which has nearly double Mexico’s population. Mexican universities maintain high academic standards and offer rigorous curricula, coupled with cutting-edge research facilities and advanced technology.

Myth 3: Mexican work ethic leaves much to be desired

Contrary to this perception, statistics tell a different story. Mexicans worked 2,246 hours per year in 2018, surpassing Americans who averaged 1,783 hours. This demonstrates the strong work ethic prevalent in the Mexican workforce. This is often characterized by their willingness to work extended hours to ensure tasks are completed to the highest standard.

Myth 4: Higher education isn’t a Mexican stronghold

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Mexico is home to some of Latin America’s most prestigious universities, including the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) which ranked 105th out of 1,300 global universities in 2022. Additionally, Tecnológico de Monterrey, often considered Mexico’s MIT, consistently ranks among the top 200 of 1,673 prestigious universities worldwide. With their commitment to academic excellence and robust research capabilities, Mexican universities attract students from around the globe.

Myth 5: Tech and STEM education aren’t priorities in Mexico

Tech and STEM education is of very high quality in Mexico. The country has invested heavily in these areas, resulting in a substantial increase in STEM and ICT graduates since 2014. With an annual growth rate of 7%, Mexico now produces more than 320,000 fresh graduates in these fields each year. This commitment to STEM education has positioned Mexico as a key contributor to the global tech industry.

It’s time to let go of outdated myths and embrace Mexico’s true picture. Zipdev is proudly rooted in this vibrant culture and heritage. We’re a reflection of the real Mexico: a nation brimming with talent, innovation, and limitless potential. We’re here to showcase what Mexico truly has to offer and leverage it to deliver top-notch solutions for our clients across North America. Embrace this reality with us, and let’s explore the abundant opportunities ahead.