We are excited to announce that Zipev has moved from our old .co domain and launched our new website here at www.zipdev.com!

Moving to a “dot com” address feels like a bit of a milestone to us, so we’d like to express our thanks to our dedicated team, our beloved clients, and you, the individuals we’ve met along the way who have been so supportive of our growth.

If you’re interested you can visit www.zipdev.com/about or click below to watch a quick video and learn more about the story of how we started, what we’ve come to focus on, and more.

Also, as we’ve grown and evolved as a company, so has our service offering. Over the past few years we’ve become laser focused on technology recruiting, specifically remote staffing with teams in Latin America and direct placement for local hires. If you or someone you know is looking to hire for software development-related positions, please get in touch.

Lastly bit of housekeeping: your Zipdev contacts’ email addresses are the same except now end with “@zipdev.com” instead of “@zipdev.co”, however the old ones will still work for now.

Thank you again for being a part of the journey thus far and we hope that you and yours are staying healthy during this difficult time.

Take care,

Mike Lenny and Daniel Altenburg
Zipdev Co-founders